Private shuttles

For your transfer by private shuttle from Orly Airport to these hotels, you can choose from a large number of means of transport. Apart from private car hire, you can take a taxi or book a private shuttle bus.

The airport

Orly Airport is home to two terminals, the West Orly Terminal and South Orly Terminal, which are permanently linked by free shuttles. It is a site with modern infrastructure.

Orly Airport has 4 runways, 156 aircraft parking bays, two ground radars and two approach radars as well as a VOR/DME beacon. The Orly airport, or Paris-Orly airport with its real name, is located south of Paris and is now equipped to welcome European, national and international flights to the Middle East and the Maghreb.

Many services available

Leisure and catering facilities: the airport’s boarding areas are particularly large and equipped with children’s playgrounds. To make your wait more pleasant, the airport has also welcomed shops selling fashion items, wines and spirits, confectionery and various souvenir items, bars and restaurants as well as art galleries.

Access for people with reduced mobility: the airport has also set up a specific organisation to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility, such as private parking lots and special reception counters.

Other services available: a medical centre and prayer areas are also visible on the site.

The proximity of prestigious hotels

Orly airport is close to many luxury hotels ready to welcome tourists looking for accommodation that meets their requirements. Most establishments offer their guests well-equipped rooms, gourmet restaurants catering to the most discerning gourmets, comfortable workplaces equipped with the latest technology such as free Wi-Fi and outstanding services. Many of the hotels are also located close to renowned tourist sites.

Order your shuttle in advance
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